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        The African lion, as the name suggests, is a species of Lion native to Africa. Though it was one of the largest carnivores today, it does not reach the size of its extinct relative the Cave lion nor the Sabre-toothed cat Smilodon. However, it is around the same size as larger species of Dinofelis.

In Walking with Dinosaurs

Death of a Dynasty

In the last episode of Walking with Dinosaurs, after the extinction, the series moves forwards to modern Africa, where many creatures are seen, including elephants, lions, and oxpeckers.

In Walking with Cavemen

Blood Brothers

In the second episode of Walking with Cavemen, one sees a group of Homo habilis and a group of Homo rudolfensis fighting over its prey, and it uses this commotion to kill the old leader of the Homo habilis gang. Later on, however, the new leader of the Homo habilis group unites them to drive away the lion instead.

Behind the scenes

Unlike what is shown in Walking with Cavemen, lions did not live in the Pliocene, as they only recently evolved in the Pleistocene.

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