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Alexornis is a bird from what is now North America. It lived during the late Cretaceous. It is a distant relative of Iberomesornis that was featured in the 4th episode of WWD.


In Walking with Dinosaurs: The Movie

An Alexornis named Alex appeared in the film. He acted as a companion of the main lead, a Pachyrhinosaurus named Patchi.

Known Individuals


  • Alexornis, while depicted rather reasonably, has some possible inaccuracies that are inconsistent with the real findings of Enantiornithe birds. They include scaly feet (all feathered non-ornithurine dinosaurs with preserved foot integruments show that they had feet covered with feathers; some Enantiornithes even had Microraptor-like hindwings), scaly clawed fingers (Enantiornithes had fused fingers that supported the wing just as modern birds do, albeit with very large claws) and a beak-like snout (most toothed Enantiornithes had skulls akin to those of Archaeopteryx and other "normal" theropods, with actual snouts).