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Allosaurs were a family or a clade of theropod dinosaurs. Although they originated in the Northern Hemisphere, the last allosaurs were found in the south. The members of this group were characterized by large, well-developed front limbs, armed with powerful claws, and long and relatively narrow jaws, studded with thin, blade-like teeth - perfect for slicing teeth but useless against armored skin and bone, unlike the teeth of Tyrannosaurus rex

Allosaurs were primarily hunters of giant sauropod dinosaurs like Diplodocus and Argentinosaurus. To bring them down, allosaurs often hunted in loose packs. However, when those giants died out, so did the allosaurs and carchardontosaurs.

List of allosaursEdit

Allosaurus was the most famous allosaur and lived during the Jurassic. During the Cretaceous, the allosaurs survived.

Polar Allosaurs were allosaurs that were able to survive the extreme conditions of the South Pole.

Giganotosaurus and Mapusaurus were some of the last allosaurs as well as some of the largest.

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