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Ankylosaurs were armoured dinosaurs that lived from the Early Jurassic to the Late Cretaceous period. They were related to the stegosaurs and both of them are in the family of Thyreophora.


Ankylosauria is a group of herbivorous dinosaurs of the order Ornithischia. It includes the great majority of dinosaurs with armor in the form of bony osteoderms. Ankylosaurs were bulky quadrupeds, with short, powerful limbs. They are first known to have appeared in the early Jurassic period of China, and persisted until the end of the Cretaceous period. They have been found on every continent except Africa or South America. The first dinosaur ever discovered in Antarctica was the ankylosaurian Antarctopelta, fossils of which were recovered from Ross Island in 1986.

Ankylosauria was first described by Henry Fairfield Osborn in 1923.

In the Linnaean classification system, the group is usually considered either a suborder or an infraorder. It is contained within the group Thyreophora, which also includes the stegosaurs, armored dinosaurs known for their combination of plates and spikes.

In Walking with... series

They make numerous appearances in the "Walking with..." series. Polacanthus (a nodosaur) and Ankylosaurus (an ankylosaur) appear respectively in episode 4 and 6 in WWD. An unidentified ankylosaur also appears in the Sea Monsters book and Edmontonia, a distant relative of Polacanthus has already


appeared in March of the Dinosaurs (unidentified) and in the WWD:3D film.


Walking with Dinosaurs: Inside their World has introduced another armored dinosaur - Euoplocephalus, a cousin of Ankylosaurus, which was somewhat smaller in size than Ankylosaurus and lived during an earlier time than Ankylosaurus did; otherwise the two cousins looked very similar to



each other.