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Anthracosauria is an order of extinct reptile-like amphibians that flourished during the Carboniferous and early Permian periods, although precisely which species are included depends on one's definition of the taxon.


Anthracosaurs were true amphibians, but had several reptilian characteristics, which is why they are sometimes called reptilomorph amphibians instead. They are not related to modern amphibians, which constitute a separate branch of amphibian order altogether.

The last of Anthracosaurs died out approximately 248 MYA, during the Permian.

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Walking with MonstersEdit

Reptile's BeginningsEdit

The first half of this episode featured Proterogyrinus, a crocodile-like amphibian. Over 2 m in length, Proterogyrinus was one of the apex predators of the Carboniferous and vastly bigger than the first reptiles, such as Petrolacosaurus. This episode of WWM featured several Proterogyrinus fighting each other for territory on a swamp shore and later another Proterogyrinus was able to overpower and kill an Arthropleura by pushing and impaling it on a stump.

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