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        Archelon was a genus of giant prehistoric sea turtle that lived during the Cretaceous period in what is now North America. It was featured in the last episode of Sea Monsters.


Archelon was the largest sea turtle to ever exist (although not the only one), reaching 4.5 meters in length. Despite its size, Archelon may have had a temperament similar to that of modern sea turtles, and it is often compared to the modern leatherback sea turtle. Much like its modern counterpart, Archelon lacked a hard bony shell and, instead, had a leathery carapace, and like modern sea turtles, it couldn't retract its head or flippers. This made it vulnerable to attacks from predators such as Tylosaurus, Xiphactinus, and various Cretaceous sharks, who would target the giant's flippers and hinder its mobility, as suggested by fossil evidence. In terms of diet, Archelon probably fed on invertebrates such as jellyfish, squid, and ammonites, much like the modern leatherback.

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Sea Monsters

To Hell and Back

Archelon featured in the last episode of Sea Monsters was a docile animal, as said before, and even gave Nigel Marven a ride, until a Xiphactinus came too close for comfort and attracted several mosasaurs. Fortunately, the giant sea turtle was able to escape in the confusion and not get eaten.