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        Argentinosaurus was a huge titanosaur dinosaur, one of the last group of the sauropod dinosaurs that were also the most physically imposing. It lived during the Early to Middle Cretaceous period and was one the largest land animals that ever lived.

herd of Argentinosaurus (Chased by Dinosaurs)


Argentinosaurus gets its name from the country it was found in Argentina. It lived in herds and laid there eggs in nest that is usually share the grounds with other Argentinosaurus. They leave the nest open for predators because the young Argentinosaurus greatest defense at the time is there over whelming numbers. Juveniles however most likely traveled in separate herds from the adults, once they reach adult hood there is no predator on earth that can kill one of these creatures. They travel in herds that leave mini quick sand traps as they traveled. Many animals has been found in these traps fossilized completely.

One of the largest sauropods that ever lived, Argentinosaurus grew up to 30 metres (100 feet) in length, making it bigger than even its relatives, such as Alamosaurus and Saltasaurus with weight estimates varying from 70 to 100 tonnes. This great size ensured that mature Argentinosaurus have no predators, except for some certain pack-hunting theropods.  If a predator attacks these creatures they would rear up and crush them like a pancake. When this happens the predator is dead.

During the breeding season, herds of dozens of these dinosaurs visited nesting grounds to lay their eggs. Their eggs could give you a good idea of what these huge animals hatch out from - quite small beginnings. The full egg was about the size of a football. Even at three or four years of age, young Argentinosaurs stayed around the nesting area: there must be good food for them as they were still too young to travel with herds.

A young female Argentinosaurus cornered by two Giganotosaurus.(Chased by Dinosaurs)

If they survived, they grew-up to be large adults, growing 60 times in weight. Paleontologists think it's one of the largest land animals ever, at 70 tons, 30 meters, beaten only by a couple of other sauropods.

In its own right, Argentinosaurus was a herbivore that fed in the treetops with its great size and long neck that also allowed it to avoid competition with smaller herbivores, such as iguanodonts.


Depiction in the Series

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  • Argentinosaurus wasn't the largest dinosaur, at least a dozen other sauropods were heavier, and quite a few more where longer, or both, such as Puertasaurus and Dreadnoughtus, which is currently the largest known sauropod. However, Dreadnoughtus and the other giants had not been discovered yet, so at that point, Argentinosaurus was the biggest dinosaur.
  • It's neck was probably held vertical, not horizontal.
  • It's body shape is largely based off Saltasaurus, like most titanosaurs were in the past, however newer studies show that Saltasaurus had very different proportions from most titanosaurs.

In Walking With... series

Chased by Dinosaurs

Land of Giants

Argentinosaurus was featured in the first episode of Chased by Dinosaurs, "Land of Giants". It was shown already dead (a skeleton), as a solitary juvenile (that will probably rejoin the herd this year) and traveling in a herd, where it was being stalked by a pack of Giganotosaurs (the giant theropods eventually brought down another juvenile Argentinosaurus). By contrast, a solitary Sarcosuchus opted to get away when confronted by these sauropods.

A herd of Argentinosaurus approaching a basking Sarcosuchus. (Chased by Dinosaurs)

Walking with Dinosaurs: Inside Their World

Argentinosaurus is one of the viewable dinosaurs in the app. It can be seen being attacked by a pack of Giganotosaurus.

Wonderbook: Walking with Dinosaurs

Argentinosaurus is the main focus in Chapter Two : March of the Titans of the wonderbook game, It will most likely be preyed upon by Mapusaurus, the second chapter follows a father named Thunder and a son named Storm.


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