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An armour-plated fish.

Sea Monsters, Dangerous Seas

Astraspis was a jawless, armour-plated fish from the Ordovician. It was a primitive type of fish which lacked fins and jaws. It was a cousin of the earlier Haikouichthys and the Silurian Cephalaspis, as well as of modern-day lamprey and hagfish

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Astraspis was a jawless fish. It lacked fins and its only method of movement was with its tail. Because of that and its heavy shell-like armor, Astrapis was a poor swimmer and a bottom-feeder that fed on algae and similar substances. Because of this lifestyle, Astraspis had a large head with small eyes and a large sucking mouth.

In Sea Monsters, Astraspis had a green body and a yellow tail.

In Sea Monsters

Dangerous Seas

Nigel Marven used an Astraspis corpse as bait for a Megalograptus.

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