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This is in the same family as Dunkleosteus.

Sea Monsters, Dangerous Seas

Bothriolepis was a small placoderm from the Devonian. It was related to the far larger and far more ferocious Dunkleosteus.

Creature attributes

Physical appearance and biology

Bothriolepis was a small placoderm. Its head was protected with a thick armour plating whilst the rest of its body was bare. It also had large fins. It had relatively large eyes.

In Sea Monsters

Dangerous Seas & Into the Jaws of Death

Nigel Marven, using a fishing rod, caught a Bothriolepis to use it as bait for Dunkleosteus. As part of a bet between him and the crew members, Nigel wrapped the fish in chainmail to see if Dunkleosteus could bite through it.

Nigel later dived into the water to tempt a Dunkleosteus. When one appeared, the giant placoderm ate the Bothriolepis.

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