Ceratosaurs are a group of theropod dinosaurs that flourished from early to late Jurassic, through to the end of the cretaceous, in the form of the Abelisauroids, however, there is a heavy drop in diverstiy in the early cretaceous.[1]

They were found initially in North America, but later proved to have lived all over the world. The Abelisaurs were mainly found in in the southern hemisphere.


Ceratosaurs were small- to medium-sized carnivores, often with horns or bumps on their snouts. So far there is no established depiction of all the ceratosaurs.

Ceratosaurs are also known have more flexible tails than any theropod, besides coelophysoids.

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Carnotaurus is one of the dinosaurs featured on the WWD site.

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Ceratosaurus and Abelisaurus are two of the dinosaurs featured in this app.
Ceratosaurus App



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