A Walking with Dinosaurs Special - broadcast in North America as Chased by Dinosaurs - is a two-part British documentary film series featuring Nigel Marven and his "team of fellow explorers" as time-travellers who encounter dinosaurs in the wild. Most of the creatures were not featured in the original Walking with Dinosaurs series.


Image Episode title Episode number Original airdate
TGCTitleCard The Giant Claw 1 30 December 2002
In this episode Nigel tries to solve the mystery of who The Giant Claw is and encouters a pack of vicious Velociraptors, a reletive of Tyrannosaurus, small feathered dinosaurs mall feathered dinosaurs and early reletives of Triceratops
LOGTitleCard Land of Giants 2 1 January 2003
In this episode Nigel tracks down the biggest dinosaur ever to live and encounters a deadly predatory dinosaur, the biggest crocodillian ever and a large pterosaur called Pteranodon

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Sea Monsters was a sequel to this series broadcast later in 2003.


Chased by Dinosaurs won a Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Animated Program in 2003 [1]


  • In the gallery, it shows Nigel Marven encounter Therizinosaurus in the desert and it is about to defend itself.


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