The Cro-Magnon were a population of the Homo sapiens species or the modern people. They were somewhat taller than we are, and less technologically advanced, but otherwise they were identical to us, especially in the anatomical sense. They probably spoke different languages than us that are probably extinct.


Cro-Magnons were robustly built and powerful. The body was generally heavy and solid with a strong musculature. The forehead was fairly straight rather than sloping like in Neanderthals, and with only slight browridges. The face was short and wide. Like other modern humans, Cro-Magnons had a prominent chin. The brain capacity was about 1,600 cc, larger than the average for modern humans.  The term Cro-Magnon is now no longer considered scientifically valid and they are now more appropriately known as European Anatomicall Modern Humans.
Evi megaloceros large

Megaloceros attacked by Cro-Magnons.

In the SeriesEdit

Walking with BeastsEdit

Mammoth JourneyEdit

The Cro-Magnons are shown co-existing with the woolly mammoths. Unlike the mammoths, however, the Cro-Magnons could adapt to the changing environment and so they have survived the last Ice Age and went on to create the modern society that includes museums where fossils of various prehistoric beasts are shown.

Walking with CavemenEdit

The SurvivorsEdit

In the last episode of WWC, the Cro-Magnons are contrasted with the Neanderthals, as both have evolved from Homo heidelbergensis. The Neanderthals are better adapted to the Ice Age environment than the Cro-Magnons are, but because the Cro-Magnons were more imaginative than the Neanderthals as they were able to outcompete them. This caused the extinction of the Neanderthals just as the woolly mammoths did. 

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