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        Deinosuchus was a large crocodilian from the Late Cretaceous notorious for preying on large dinosaurs.

Creature attributes

Physical appearance and biology

Deinosuchus was 12-15 meters (40-50 feet) in length and weighed 9-10 tonnes, rivaling Sarcosuchus, another large crocodilian from the Cretaceous, in size by being slightly larger.[4] It also had a snout similar to Sarcosuchus. Other than the traits mentioned above, the physiology of Deinosuchus was identical to modern day crocodilians.

Behaviour and traits

Deniosuchus behaved similarly to other crocodilians. It would hunt the large megafauna of its time like the modern Nile Crocodile, with prey including Anatotitan and Quetzalcoatlus[1][2]. It would even attack the large apex-predator Tyrannosaurus[2].

In Walking with Dinosaurs

Death of a Dynasty

A Deinosuchus attempted to attack a Quetzalcoatlus while it was taking a drink, but it spots the crocodile and flying off. Another hunts a herd of Anatotitan though like the attempt to kill the Quetzalcoatlus the Deinosuchus is unsuccessful. However a female Tyrannosaurus manages to kill one of the Anatotitan when its herd was startled by the appearance of Deinosuchus, the Deinosuchus was later killed when the comet struck.

In Walking with Dinosaurs: A Natural History

Death of a Dynasty

A Deinosuchus approaches a Quetzalcoatlus with plans to eat it, much like in Walking with Dinosaurs. However, the Deinosuchus succeeds with the attack before the large pterosaur can escape. The Quetzalcoatlus tries to fight off his attacker, but he is pulled into the water. Another Deinosuchus joins the conflict and breaks the Quetzalcoatlus' neck, killing him.

During the last days of the Late Cretaceous Deinosuchus preyed on Anatotitan in the area.

After a female Tyrannosaurus rex kills an Anatotitan to feed herself and her young, several Deinosuchus walk onto the riverbank the large dinosaur is on having been attracted by the smell of the hadrosaurs blood. The mother T. rex tries to detour the giant crocodilians to no success. Because there are too many Deinosuchus for her to handle, she abandons her kill.

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Behind the Scenes

Deinosuchus was identified as simply a crocodile in Walking with Dinosaurs, only being identified as Deinosuchus in Walking with Dinosaurs: A Natural History and the companion websites, as well as in Prehistoric Park.

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