Deinosuchus was a giant crocodilian that preyed on dinosaurs.

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One of the most visible traits of Deinosuchus was its large size with a length of 15 meters. With that large size, it also had a large bite force that was stronger than the famous Tyrannosaurus rex.[2]

Other than the facts above, it superficially resembled modern crocodiles.

Behaviour and traitsEdit

Like a modern-day Nile Crocodile, when dinosaur herds crossed rivers that the Deinosuchus lived in the large crocodilian would cease the opportunity to hunt members of the herd.[1]

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The Great ExodusEdit

Several Deinosuchus attacked Patchi's herd when they crossed a river inhabitated by the large crocodilians. They managed to kill some of the members of the herd but the losses were minor.

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