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       Dilophosaurus ("Lizard with Two Crests") was an Early Jurassic Theropod dinosaur.


Dilophosaurus was a dilophosaurid dinosaur and one of the last dilophosaurids to ever walk on this planet. Up to 6 m. in length, it was bigger and stronger than Coelophysis and its other relatives were, but Dilophosaurus' jaws and bite were still relatively weak, a fact that didn't prevent Dilophosaurus from being an efficient hunter.

Contrary to its' depiction in the first JP movie, Dilophosaurus wasn't venomous, nor did it have a frill. (Also, it was bigger than in the film). It did, however, have a pair of crests on its head, whose purpose remains unknown( one possibility is that the crests were used in mating rituals).

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