Dinilysia was extinct genus of snake from the Late Cretaceous.

Creature attributesEdit

Physical appearance and biologyEdit

Dinilysia's appearance and biology was similar if not identical, to modern pit vipers.

Behaviour and traitsEdit

Dinilysia was a specialist in hunting the mammals of its time.[1]

In Walking with DinosaursEdit

Death of a DynastyEdit

Two Tyrannosaurus chicks discover a Dinilysia while exploring the area around them. They play with it to the snake's annoyance, but they soon leave it when their mother has a standoff with an Ankylosaurus who was unknowingly intruding the T. rex family's territory.

Behind the ScenesEdit

According to the Walking with Dinosaurs website, Dinilysia was the snake that briefly appeared in Death of a Dynasty.

The creature was live-acted by a modern day red-tailed boa. However, the episode in question was set in North America, and Dinilysia lived some 25 million years before Tyrannosaurus and lived in South America.

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