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Dinosaur Worlds was a series of games based on Walking with Dinosaurs. Each of these games was based on an episode of Walking with Dinosaurs and the objective was to simply explore the environment. There were many routes that the player could take, though it always end the same. A side-objective was to find a set of special events in the selected prehistoric world. When encountering certain plant(s) or animal(s), the lower right corner would have a silhouette of each respective animal or plant which linked to its fact file. The game could be played at high, mid, and low settings or could be downloaded on either PC or Mac computers.

The games were designed by Eddy Hill Design and each game was released a day before their respective episode.[1] The games were removed when the BBC redesigned their Prehistoirc Life section at some point in 2005.


New Blood

Time of the Titans

A Curel Sea

Giant of the Skies

Spirits of the Ice Forest

Death of a Dynasty


  • Interesting, the page for Dinosaur Worlds on the Walking with Dinosaurs website uses titles for the games based on episodes three, four, and five from or similar to the compainion book for Walking with Dinosaurs instead of the actual series, such as the game based on "Spirits of the Ice Forest" being named "Spirits of the Silient Forest" and the "Giant of the Skies" game being named "Beneath a Giant's Wing", similar to the chapter of Walking with Dinosaurs: A Nautral History named "Beneath a Giant's Wings". The games themselves, however, use the episode names from the series rather than the chapter names from the book, though the game based on "Cruel Sea" is the exception as it uses the chapter name "A Cruel Sea" like the webpage does.

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