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Dromaeosaurus (meaning “Fast Lizard” and also known as the North American Velociraptor) was a raptor that lived in Late Cretaceous North America during the last days of the dinosaurs.


In Walking with Dinosaurs

Death of a Dynasty

In the first half of the episode, it is seen hunting a small flock of ornithopods. It failed in its attempt however, and screeched in fury in their direction. Later, another Dromaeosaurus was seen trying to raid the mother Tyrannosaurus nest, however, the mother saw the little opportunist, and roared it away, once again screeching in anger at his failed attempt.

A Dromaeosaurus trying to get to a Tyrannosaurus nest. (Death of a Dynasty)

Then, at night, a pair of Dromaeosaurus try to get at a Torosaurus calf. After unsettling the adults of the herd, the two of them attack one of the calves, who manages to retreat back to safety of the Torosaurus herd, for the time being. Morning reveals that the Dromaeosaurus had finally had a victory: they had successfully killed the calf.

Dromaeosaurus made its final appearance towards the end of the program as one runs away right before the comet that supposedly pushed the dinosaurs off the edge strikes Earth.

Two Dromaeosaurus at night. (Death of a Dynasty)

Behind the scenes

Like many theropods in Generation 1, Dromaeosaurus lacks feathers and has pronated hands (the latter mistake still continues in various other media today). Dromaeosaurus didn't live in the Hell Creek formation and was extinct before 66,000,000 years ago unlike its' depiction in Death of a Dynasty. At the time of the program's production, fossil teeth found in Hell Creek were attributed to Dromaeosaurus.However, the feathered Acheroraptor and the much larger Dakotaraptor lived in the Hell Creek Formation 66,000,000 years ago but both where discovered after the release, Acheroraptor in 2013 and Dakotaraptor in 2015.

It also reuses the model of Utahraptor, only with black and white skin and green eyes.


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