Edentates - Doedicurus on the left, Megatherium on the right

Edentate is a defunct nomenclature title of a group of animals that includes aardvarks and pangolins (or scaly anteaters - not to be confused with echidnas or spiny anteaters of Australia) of Africa and Asia alongside Xenarthra mammals of the Americas.

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Walking with BeastsEdit

Sabre ToothEdit

The giant ground sloth Megatherium and the giant glyptodont (extinct relative of the armadillo) Doedicurus, both featured in the ep. 5 of Walking with Beasts were extinct Xenarthrans, while the modern species were represented by the armadillo. (The third main order of Edentates were the totally toothless anteaters, represented by Eurotamandua in a cameo of the first episode of Walking with Beasts.)

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