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        Edmontonia was a member of the ankylosaur group and lived alongside creatures like Edmontosaurus, Pachyrhinosaurus, and Gorgosaurus.


Edmontonia - a still from WWD:3D film (Image by Vaderxl).

This dinosaur was a nodosaur, like the Polacanthus from WWD series (1999), but at 7 meters in length it was much larger. It also lived much later than the Polacanthus did, but just like its earlier cousins, Edmontonia had a broad back covered in armor and a wicked array of huge spikes sticking outwards, forwards and slightly downwards from the shoulders (see the picture).

Edmontonia also had a long tail and a long and narrow snout to better graze on the low-growing vegetation that it ate.

In Walking with... series

Walking with Dinosaurs: The Movie

An Edmontonia is seen soon after the Troodon throws Patchi into the forest. Another is seen fleeing the forest fire.


Appearences in Other Media

March of the Dinosaurs

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It is refered to as 'an ankylosaur' and coexists with Edmontosaurus and Pachyrhinosaurus during the summer, but unlike them, it didn't migrate during winter.

Jurassic Park

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  • In WWD: 3-D companion book Edmontonia is incorrectly named Ankylosaurus.
  • The reason why it is only called "Ankylosaur" in WWD3D related media was to avoid confusion with the similarly named Edmontosaurus.