Edmontosaurus was a genus of hadrosaur that lived in the Late Cretaceous.

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Edmontosaurus resembled Anatotitan as the two hadrosaurs were closly related, but Edmontosaurus was shorter than the latter.[1]

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Edmontosaurus roamed in large herds consisting of up to thousands of members. Each year Edmontosaurus would have massive mirgrations following the rains from north to south and back, traveling 600 miles in the process.

It was the common prey of the apex predator Tyrannosaurus. In some areas, Edmontosaurus made up nearly half of the local Tyrannosaurus population.[1]

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Death of a DynastyEdit

Early in the chapter, it is mentioned that lava flows have delayed Edmontosaurus' migration leaving some areas absent of the large herbivores, When the volcanic eruption in the Blanket Forest occurs, it wipes out over 70% of the world's Edmontosaurus. The largest group that survived the catastrophe only consisted of 40 members.

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Anatotitan has since been reclassified as a species of Edmontosaurus named Edmontosaurus annectens.

Anatotitan (now Edmontosaurus annectens) was never larger than Edmontosaurus. It is actually thought Edmontosaurus was larger than Anatotitan and it possible that both were the same size.

In December 2013, a new fossil revealed a fleshy comb on the head of Edmontosaurus.

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