Embrithopoda ("heavy-footed") is an order of extinct mammals known from Asia, eastern Europe, and northern Africa. Most of the embrithopod genera are known exclusively from jaws and teeth dated from the late Paleocene to the late Eocene, but the order is best known from its terminal member, the elephantine Arsinoitherium.


Embrithopods were a small group of placental mammals; some were large and horned, like Arsinoitherium, others were small. They are not a well-studied group, but they were related to animals such Moeritherium and other early Proboscideans.

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Into the Jaws of DeathEdit

Arsinoitherium was featured in this episode. When Nigel Marven offered it an apple, Arsinoitherium charged him, causing Nigel to flee. Soon, however, the animal lost interest and went into water, proving that it was a "sea monster, or at least an amphibious one". As Nigel swam with some Dorudon, and then headed out to sea in search of Basilosaurus, the Arsinoitherium had crossed the lagoon and vanished in the mangroves.

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