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And they don't come much meaner than this: a giant Entelodont, the bully of the Plains. These are distant relatives of the pig--two meters tall, aggressive and built like tanks, but with a brain no bigger than an orange.

Walking with Beasts: Land of Giants

Entelodont was a prehistoric artiodactyl and a major antagonist in Walking with Beasts (Land of Giants).


The Bullies of the Plains, these creatures are distant relatives of modern hippos and

Entelodont from Walking with Beasts

whales instead of pigs. They stood two meters tall, were aggressive and built like tanks, but had a brain no bigger than an orange. They were omnivorous animals from the Miocene Epoch.

In Walking with... Series

Walking with Beasts

Land of Giants

In the third episode of Walking with Beasts, Entelodonts were described as "Hogs from hell" with tusks, being distant relatives of pigs, warthogs, and wild boars. Called "the bullies of the plains" in WWB, these mammals were two meters tall, aggressive, and built like tanks, but had a brain no bigger than an orange and they hunted or at least scavenged, in groups. And their worst enemies were themselves. 

Entelodont's jaw after a territory fight

Entelodonts also appear bigger (or stockier) than the Hyaenodon that were apparently the size of modern rhinos themselves. Still, on occasion, Hyeanodon hunted them instead, as depicted in the book version of the WWB and later in the Land of Giants programme itself (though the Entelodont got away in the programme, most likely).