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       Euparkeria, named in honor of W.K. Parker, was a small African bipedal reptile of the early Triassic period between 248-245 MYA, that was taxonomically close to the ancestry of the archosaurs.


Euparkeria ate insects and scavenged dead animals. It was one of the smaller reptiles of its time, with the adults reaching the size of a large lizard (55 cm or 22 in). It lived in a world with many predators (like Proterosuchus), so it had to be quick on its feet. It walked on four legs for most of the time, but if a quick getaway was needed, it could rise on to its hind legs and run at a very high speed.

Euparkeria had relatively long hind legs, and may have been semi-bipedal, due to the structure of its hipbones that may have enabled it to move using only those long hind legs when running quickly, making it one of the earliest reptiles to walk on two legs. Another means of defense that Euparkeria possessed was a sharp claw on its thumb, which could have been used as a weapon in close combat.

Despite its features, Euparkeria was not the true ancestor of dinosaurs; however, it was related to the dinosauromorphs and Saltopus a possible ancestor of the dinosaurs.


  • Euparkeria shares a resemblance to Postosuchus, a reptile that would appear later in the Late Triassic Period.

In Walking With... series

Walking with Monsters

Clash of Titans

Euparkeria appeared in the final episode of Walking with Monsters, Clash of Titans. It was seen on its hind legs, hinting that it will evolve into dinosaurs. Later, he tried to get a dragonfly from a Proterosuchus’ lower jaw. The Proterosuchus lunged at him. So he ran into the bushes and after the Proterosuchus killed the Lystrosaurus, it fed on a corpse and evolved into Allosaurus.


Appearances In Other Media


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An image of its appearance in WWM is seen in Conner's Database in 1X01.

It had a more proper appearance in the novel Extinction Event, where several enter through an anomaly and one manages to bite Abby. They all returned to their time period shortly after entering.