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Large dinosaurs are rare here, and at five meters from nose to tail, Eustreptospondylus is the biggest.

Walking with Dinosaurs: Cruel Sea



Eustreptospondylus was a carnivorous dinosaur from the Mid-Jurassic period (160,000,000-154,000,000 BCE).


A 5-6 meters long predatory dinosaur, Eustreptospondylus were one of the largest carnivores in their environment, and one of the local dinosaurs of Europe. They might have fed on small and medium sea animals, lizards, and pterosaurs that lived on the islands.

Eustreptospondylus was a theropod, a carnivorous dinosaur and a member of the Megalosauroidea superfamily, which contains relatives to the famous Megalosaurus. In WWD, Eustreptospondylus was shown

Eustreptospondylus in Walking with Dinosaurs

to be an amphibious hunter, capable of swimming from island to island and hunt both on land and in the shadows.

Portrayal in the series

In the series they where depicted as part-time, amphibious hunters, but mostly as scavengers.

It was said that in fights, the loudest roar wins. This is not backed up by any actual evidence.

In Walking With... series

Walking with Dinosaurs

Cruel Sea

The fact above was developed in the 3rd episode of WWD, where one lone Eustreptospondylus got snatched by a Liopleurodon. Later, two other Eustreptospondylus fight over a dead turtle. Three more attack and devour some Rhamphorhynchus. A group of Eustreptospondylus that survive a storm eat a stranded Liopleurodon caught by the storm.

Appearances in Other Media


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In the book Fire and Water a Eustreptospondylus comes through an Anomaly in a South African Wildlife reserve and attacks many of its animals. It was killed in a battle with a Postosuchus.

A Jurassic Dinosaur dubbed "The Swimming Theropod" that appears in episode 5x02 acts similarly to Eustreptospondylus portrayal in Walking with Dinosaurs and may be the said creature.