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Footprints Game
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No. of players1
TypeRacing, Quiz

The Footprints Game is a game made to promote Walking with Beasts that teaches the player about fossil trackways. The game was removed when the ABC Walking with Beasts websites was taken offline sometime between 2014-2005.


There are playable game modes.

  • Hunt: In this mode the player plays a predator that must succeed in reaching its prey before it escapes. The player can choose either Gastornis hunting Propalaeotherium or Dinofelis hunting Australopithecus afarensis. The game starts once the selected predator is clicked and it can only move via by pointing the mouse cursor in the desired direction.
  • Race: The player has a race with a Megatherium and can choose up to all five of the animals that appear in the game which are Gastornis, Australopithecus afarensis, Dinofelis, and Megatherium. The player can only move by pressing the spacebar repeatedly and can only turn by using the mouse.
  • Freestyle: The player is brought to a brown area where they can make trackways of the animals featured in the game under the guidance of the mouse.
  • Case Study 1: A simple quiz game regarding trackways belonging to two Propalaeotherium. The question asked is whether or not they were running at the same speed when they made the tracks. The correct answer is that they were moving at the same speed.
  • Case Study 2: Another simple quiz game regarding two trackways made by a Megatherium, one being made while it was running on two legs and the other being made while it was on all four legs. The question is whether Megatherium could run faster on two legs instead of four. The correct answer is that they could run at the same speed both bipedally and quadrupedally.

In all games modes, there are two tabs above the game screen. One tells information about a selected animal in the game while the other is a mathematical equation that can calculate the speed of an animal when entering in its stride length and the height of its hips. There is a ruler on the top right corner of the screen that can be used to determine the stride length of an animal. This tab is recommended to be used in the Case Study game modes. The calculation tab appears in every mode except for "Hunt" mode.



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