The Giant Ants (Formicium/Titanomyrma giganteum) are giants prehistoric insects featured in Walking with Beasts.


Formicium was a genus of giant ant that lived in the Eocene. The two latest species where moved to Titanomyrma genus in 2011, but there is still three species of Formicium : Formicium berryi, Formicium brodiei, and Formicium mirabile.

The first species (Formicium brodiei) was the fist to be described (in 1854) and is from Germany, the two others are American. The presence of Formicium in North America is considered to indicate "the first reported cross-Arctic dispersal by a thermophilic insect group". The species in the show is named

Formicium berryi is only known from a forewing 26 millimetres, so scientist thinks it has been 57 millimeters (2.2 inches) long, making it one the biggest ants that ever lived on the planet.

Titanomyrma giganteum is the biggest ant species that ever lived on earth. The workers were 1-3cm long, but queens were 5.5cm long with a wingspan of 13cm.

In Walking with... series

Walking with Beasts

New Dawn

Titanomyrma appeared in the first episode of Walking with Beasts (they are named Giants Ants, where they had successfully attacked and killed a Gastornis chick. Just like their real-life counterparts, the giant ants of WWB died-out at the end of the Eocene epoch, when the global jungles vanished, and the global oxygen levels and temperatures dropped.


  • It is the only giant bug featured in the Walking with... series that is not from the Carboniferous period.
  • The name of the species is not in the series, but the Walking with Beasts Companion Book explains it is Formicium giganteum. This species is now in the Titanomyrma genus.
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