Gallimimus is a dinosaur featured in Walking with Dinosaurs: Inside Their World app.


It lived in Mongolia and the rest of Asia. At 6 meters in length, Gallimimus was one of the largest ornithomid dinosaurs, but it still was no match to larger predators like Tarbosaurus, and its main, if not only means of escape was running away.

The fossil remains of Gallimimus were found in large numbers, therefore this dinosaur is well-studied and well-known by paleontologists.

Judging by its jaws and toothless beak, Gallimimus probably fed mainly on plants, like those that one might see near water. But it could also have occasionally eaten small animals, and possibly eggs. However there is not enough data to say for sure.

It has been suggested at least once that ornithomimosaurs where quadrupeds, at least falculatively, unlike any other theropod, thouth this isn't widely dicussed and may be completely false.


Walking with Dinosaurs: Inside Their WorldEdit

Gallimimus is one of the viewable dinosaurs in the app. A pair are seen in the Diet of Dinosaurs section, with one being being killed by a Tarbosaurus and the other running away.

Appearances in Other MediaEdit

Jurassic ParkEdit

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Gallimimus was featured in a JP cameo, when a Tyrannosaurus ate it.

Prehistoric ParkEdit

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Galimimus did not appear in Prehistoric Park however it's close relative Ornithomimus was featured in Prehistoric Park.

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