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Gigantopithecus was a genus of ape which lived during the late Miocene to late Pleistocene epochs in Asia. It was the largest primate ever to exist.


Gigantopithecus was an ape that stood 3 meters tall upright and weighted 544 kg. It probably walked like modern gorillas and may have looked like a modern gorilla apart from the size difference. Gigantopithecus may have been an inspiration of the yeti, bigfoot and sasquatch cryptids in cryptozoology, and also King Kong in the media. Although it may look like a giant gorilla its closest modern living relative is the orangutan in Southeast Asia instead.

In Walking with... Series

Walking with Cavemen

Savage Family

A trio of Homo erectus encountered a Gigantopithecus eating bamboo. The behemoth ape scared them away with its size.



  • In Walking with Cavemen, they made the Gigantopithecus entirely with animatronics and puppets.