Walking With Dinosaurs BBC 6 - Death Of A Dynasty (part 1)

Walking With Dinosaurs BBC 6 - Death Of A Dynasty (part 1)

a clip of death of a dynasty . An episode set in hells creek

Wonderbook t-rex

t-rex in hells creek wondebook

Hells creek is a famous fossil formation in north america 

==in the original walking with dinosaurs


torosaurus herd in hells creek


Hells creek is first scene in new blood where we see two tyranosaurs fighting. In the final episode death of a dynasty hells creek is the main location. We see it is a volcanic land with a poisonous atmosphere and little plant life.Edit

in walking with dinosaurs the wonderbook.Edit

In walking with dinosaurs the wonderbook hells creek is in the final chapter king of dragons . We see it as a mix of a lush paradise and a volcanic wasteland. A volcano erupts at the end of the episode causing a lot of damage to the suroundings.

in prehistoric park

hells creek is where nigel goes to first in the first episode T-rex returns. Its scene as a large forest like lands with ash and volcanic rock evreywhere. But actualy this is the one installment in the trilogy of life where hells creek is not particuarly dangerous outside of its deadly animals


in death of a dynasty its said hells creek is a deadly volcanic land. In truth it was a thriving ecosystem filled with forests and only a few volcanic activity. 

Torrosaurs were also extinct in hells creek by the time of death of a dynasty.


the original death of a dynasty actualy predicted dakotaraptor.

Walking with dinosaurs the wonderbook has the most accurate hells creek.

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