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Hercules is an Australopithecus from th 4th episode of Walking with Beasts "Next of Kin ".  

In the SeriesEdit

Walking with BeastsEdit

Next of KinEdit

Hercules is first seen dragging a tree branch and challenges Grey for the troop. The fight is a indirect fight (Australopithecus fights presumably aren't as violent as other primates. Baboons, for instance, carry into battle long canines which they bite each other with). Hercules is put in his place for now at least. Then in their new territory,  Hercules scares an Ancylotherium with a "scare tactic" so he can eat more fruit. Then he starts to mate with a new female who moved in. Grey scares him off. Then in the dry season, Hercules scares some vultures off a zebra carcass while holding a stick. He then eats the carcass first but Grey is the dominant male and usually eats first and they fight again. It is now a direct fight this time but Hercules beats up Grey with the stick and becomes dominant male.

Apparently his take-over has a immediate and positive affect. There is less internal conflict then there was before. Then the Dinofelis that killed a member of the group called Black-Eye attacks and the group eventually retaliate, scaring the Dinofelis away.

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