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Hyneria weighs two tons, and is five meters long!

Walking with Monsters: Water Dwellers

        Hyneria is an extinct genus of lobe-finned fish from the Devonian period around 360 MYA.

Creature attributes

Physical appearance and biology

Hyneria was one of the largest lobe-finned fishes to appear in the Walking with... series at 4[1]-5[2] meters (13-16 ft) in length and weighing 2

Hynaria eating a Stethacanthus

tons.[1][2] It also had powerfully jaws[1] coupled with strong front fins that allowed Hyneria to propel itself onto land.[1][2] They were able to survive on land in short intervals by using its air bladder as primitive lungs, which would have also helped them thrive in oxygen deprived waters.[1]

Behaviour and traits

Hyneria swam in estuaries and rivers of the Late Devonian period[1], though it would sometimes venture onto land for food.[1][2] Its prey consisted of fish[1] like Stethacanthus[1][2] and amphibians[1] like Hynerpeton.[2] Victims would be caught in its jaws and then, while still alive, swallowed head first. Fossils suggest that Hyneria would strand itself on the top of mudbanks where they would wait for prey.[1]

In Walking with Monsters

Water Dwellers

A female attacked and killed a Stethacanthus and chased a Hynerpeton, but he escaped because of his legs, that allow him to go on land. However, the female later encountered the male Hynerpeton while it was mating and successfully killed him.


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