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        Hynerpeton was a 2-meter long prehistoric amphibian and one of the first vertebrate animals that could live and move on land for an extended amount of time.


Despite the dangers of the water, Hynerpeton needed to make sure they were wet or their skin would dry out quickly and they would die. Despite the part in the show that Hynerpeton was evolved from jawless fish like Cephalaspis. In fact, like most tetrapods, it evolved from the lobe-finned fishes, which were jawed fishes. they could adapt to a home at the water’s edge. But still, life for these animals was far from easy. These creatures had evolved complex lungs to exploit the oxygen. Their lungs were like a human’s and they breathed as humans do, forcing air in and out so that their blood could absorb more oxygen. Although they could breathe on land, they were still water-bound. Their skin was much thinner than a human's so they had to keep it wet. But when the sun set, Hynerpeton could spend more time on land. The females of this species were choosy and would only go for males who could defend their territory.

But when night arrived for these animals, so did competition. To avoid injury, the males demonstrated their strength in a cute push-up contest. When it came to mating, their eggs were soft and their young had gills, not lungs, so they had to be laid in water.

In the series

Walking with Monsters

Water Dwellers

Hynerpeton was seen in the first episode. One was chased by a Stethacanthus and a Hyneria but was able to escape. It evolved into Petrolacosaurus.

Behind the Scenes

In the Russian version of Walking with Monsters, Hynerpeton is simply called the stegocephalian.