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Iguanodonts are a group of ornithopods that are larger than hypsilophodonts are, and are also related to the hadrosauriformes. They have been found on almost all continents.

They originated in the middle Jurassic period and survived into the late Cretaceous.

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Iguanodontians were one of the first groups of dinosaurs to be found (i.e. Iguanodon itself). They are among the best known of the dinosaurs, and were among the most diverse and widespread herbivorous dinosaur groups of the Cretaceous period. Derived iguanodontians were generally large animals, and Iguanodon was the largest at 33 feet (10 meters) in length with a weight of about 4 tons.

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In Walking with... series

Walking with Dinosaurs

Giant of the Skies

Both North American Iguanodon and its European relative are featured in this episode. They were depicted as social animals that were prey for Utahraptors.

Spirits of the Ice Forest

Muttaburrasaurus, a basal form was one of the featured animals in this episode.

Chased by Dinosaurs

Land of Giants

Macrogryphosaurus, a more primitive Iguanodont, appeared in this episode as a minor character and a prey item for Giganotosaurus.

Very inaccurate Macrogryphosaurus.

Walking with Dinosaurs: Inside their World

Tenontosaurus, the most basal form, is one of the viewable dinosaurs in this app.

Tenontosaurus getting attacked by Deinonychus