Looks a bit like a giant woodlouse but, of course, it's a trilobite.

Sea Monsters, Dangerous Seas

Isotelus was a large trilobite from the Ordovician. It was a bottom feeder that lived on the seafloor.

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Physical appearance and biologyEdit

Isotelus was a giant trilobite. Like all the other arthropods during the Ordovician, it had a large and thick carapace. Underneath its armour was a soft underbelly with a pair of long antennae and small legs.

Isotelus had large, compound eyes. The trilobite was black in colour but underwater, it appeared light blue.

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Dangerous SeasEdit

Nigel Marven found an Isotelus carcass on the seashore and fitted a camera into one of its eye sockets to create the Trilobite camera.

The next day, as Nigel sailed into the open waters, a living Isotelus swam beneath his speedboat. He later threw the Trilobite cam into the water and waited for a Cameroceras to appear. As he waited, a Megalograptus attempted to feed on the carcass but it was deterred.

Later, a Cameroceras appeared and ate the Isotelus.

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Isotelus is never named on the show, but is called a trilobite instead. Its name was revealed in Sea Monsters: Prehistoric Predators of the Deep instead.

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