"Liliensternus, one of the first of the dinosaurs."

– Walking with Dinosaurs: The Area Spectacular

Liliensternus (After Lilienstern) was predatory dinosaur that is thought to be the unnamed coelurosaur in Episode 1 of Sea Monsters when Nigel explored the land. It was a type of coelophysoid dinosaur that lived from the mid to late Triassic period, as it was one of the first of the dinosaurs.

Creature Attributes Edit

Physical Appearance and BiologyEdit

Liliensternus was around 5.5 meters long, stood a little taller than a man, and weighed 280 pounds, making it one of the largest Triassic theropods. It lived in Europe, in what is now Germany. This dinosaur was fast, agile, and perfectly adapted for their environment, which gave it an edge over other, more ancient, reptiles and amphibians.

Behavior and TraitsEdit

Although Lilientsernus was a large carnivore by the standards of the Triassic, it was still relatively small compared to larger plant-eating dinosaurs such as Plateosaurus. It may have hunted those large herbivores but mainly fed on dinosaur hatchlings and small animals instead. (Also, it may've fed on carrion.)

In Walking with... SeriesEdit

Walking with Dinosaurs: The Live ExperienceEdit

Liliensternus has appeared in Walking with Dinosaurs: The Live Experience, a play based off of the television program. However, it did not appear in the original TV Series.

Sea MonstersEdit

The first episode of the series features a pack of coelurosaur dinosaurs on land during the Triassic segment. They may have been Liliensternus. 



  • Liliensternus was originally named by Friedrich von Huene as a second species of Halticosaurus.
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