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       Liopleurodon was the apex predator of Middle-Late Jurassic Europe.

Creature attributes

Physical appearance and biology

At 7 meters in length, 2.5 tons in weight, a skull as large as an adult human, and 3 meters in height, Liopleurodon was a fairly sized pliosaur, though it could grow up to 10-12 meters. Its teeth alone were 4 inches long and were great for slicing flesh. Liopleurodon propelled itself using four paddle-like fins and its skin was probably smooth, but it reached slow speeds of 6.21mph. Liopleurodon could give birth to live young.[1]

The best advantage Liopleurodon had was its great sense of smell that it applied when hunting. It was able to smell food kilometers away.

Behavior and traits


Liopleurodon was most likely the apex predator of Jurassic Europe's seas as it has no known predators. Most likely a solitary hunter, its diet included sharks, giant fish, ichthyosaurs, other plesiosaurs, and even pterosaurs like Dorygnathus. Some believe Liopleurodon and its relatives were ambush predators.

In Walking with Dinosaurs: Inside Their World

Liopleurodon is one of the three viewable plesiosaurs in the app. One image on Dorygnathus' profile portrays Liopleurodon snatching it out of the air.


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