List of locations featured in the Walking with... series.

Walking with DinosaursEdit

Episode Setting(s) Filming Location(s)
New Blood Arizona, North America New Caledonia
Time of the Titans Colorado, North America California State Parks, USA. Chile. New Zealand. Tasmania, Australia.
Cruel Sea Tethys ocean, Oxfordshire, Europe The Bahamas. New Caledonia
Giant of the Skies South America
North America
Atlantic seaway
Cantabria, Spain, Europe
New Zealand. Tasmania, Australia
Spirits of the Ice Forest Antarctica New Zealand
Death of a Dynasty Montana, North America Chile. New Zealand

The Ballad of Big AlEdit

Episode Setting(s) Filming Location(s)
The Ballad of Big Al Shell, Wyoming, North America Utah, USA. Arizona, USA

Walking with BeastsEdit

Episode Setting(s) Filming Location(s)
New Dawn Germany, Europe Java, Indonesia
Whale Killer Tethys ocean, Pakistan, Asia
Tethys ocean, Egypt, Africa
Florida, USA
Land of Giants Mongolia, Asia Mexico. Arizona, USA
Next of Kin Ethiopia, Africa South Africa. Ethiopia
Sabre Tooth South America Brazil
Mammoth Journey North Sea, Europe Yukon, Canada

Chased by DinosaursEdit

Episode Setting(s) Filming Location(s)
The Giant Claw Nemegt desert, Mongolia, Asia Fraser Island, Australia
Land of Giants Argentina, South America Tenerife, Canary Islands

Walking With CavemenEdit

Episode Setting(s) Filming Location(s)
First Ancestors Hadar, Ethiopia, Africa
Blood Brothers eastern Africa
Savage Family southern Africa
southern China, Asia
Kalahari Desert, Botswana
The Survivors southern England, Europe
northern Europe
southern Africa
  • Namib Desert, Namibia
  • Kruger National Park, South Africa

Sea MonstersEdit

Episode Setting(s) Filming Location(s)
Dangerous Seas
Into the Jaws of Death
To Hell... and Back?
  • Red Sea, Egypt

Walking with MonstersEdit

Episode Setting(s) Filming Location(s)
Water Dwellers ChengJang, China.  Socotra, Yemen. Devil's Postpile National Monument, California, USA.
Reptile's Beginnings Kansas, USA. Bromacker, Germany. Jonathan Dickinson State Park, Florida, USA. Inyo National Forest, California, USA 
Clash of Titans Siberia. Antarctica Canary Islands, Spain
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