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Malachite is a Tyrannosaurus and the main antagonist that appears in Wonderbook: Walking with Dinosaurs. He gets his name from the color of his stripes which are the same color as the mineral Malachite.

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Malachite first appears when it attempts to eat a Pachycephalosaurus, but fails. He later wanders away out of the forest when the volcano erupts.

Later, while the forest is burning, he chases another Pachycephalosaurus named Ficus. However, like the first Pachycephalosaurus he hunted in the level, Ficus escapes when Malachite is hit by a nearby falling tree though this would not be the last time he would encounter Ficus.

Afterward, Malachite enters one of the few fertile areas of the forest that have not been destroyed by volcanic activity. Once there, he proceeds to attack a Triceratops grazing there and after a brief fight with the large herbivore, the Tyrannosaurus kills it. The T. rex then finds Ficus again and nearly kills him when the Pachycephalosaurus became trapped under a fallen tree. But a time traveling paleontologist who had discovered Ficus' skeleton in the future distracts Malachite allowing Ficus to escape. With Ficus gone the Tyrannosaurus then tried to fight the paleontologist only to back out after he/she proved to be threatening to him.

Malachite's last action was hunting and killing another Triceratops in a forest with even less vegetation and even a large lava flow. Ficus was nearby and decided to push the Tyrannosaurus into the nearby lave flow, disintegrating Malachite.

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