Megalosauroids are a group of theropod dinosaurss, mostly being portrayed as medium-sized predators (most being slightly smaller than the average carnosaur). Among them are the megalosaurids proper, which ruled in Europe for some time, and the spinosaurs, which included the largest (In length, not weight) dinosaur ever, Spinosaurus.

Physical traitsEdit

Megalosaurs differ by having longer, stronger arms than carnosaurs and weaker bites, because of this, megalosaurs are suspected to use their arms to hunt more than their jaws.

Other than all this, megalosaurs pretty much resemble other big theropods.

In Walking with... seriesEdit

Walking with DinosaursEdit


Cruel SeaEdit

Eustreptospondylus was a dinosaur featured in this episode. It was a hunter and a scavenger; it was prey for a Liopleurodon, but when that giant beached himself at the end of the episode, a pack of Eustreptospondylus arrived to devour him once he was dead.

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