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       Muttaburrasaurus (meaning "lizard from Muttaburra") was a large Iguanodont that ruled during a short period of time in the Cretaceous period. However, what made Muttaburrasaurus special was that it lives in sub-polar rain forests on what will one day become the Australian continent. Unlike most of the Iguanodonts who preferred living in open woodland, this animal lived in the Antarctic/Australian jungle, where its coloration would've blend in, as shown in the series.


A fully grown Muttaburrasaurus had some enemies, like the Australovenator, (a theropod dinosaur related to the Jurassic Carnosaur, Allosaurus). Unlike most iguanodonts, Muttaburrasaurus was actually fully bipedal. One of most distinguishing features of this animal was an inflatable sack at its nasal region, which males probably used for sexual display during mating seasons. Most of the loud sounds of the Cretaceous South Australian polar forests were from large herds of Muttaburrasaurus trampling across landscape.