New Zealand is an island in Oceania and right next to Australia. The main city is Auckland. It was used as a main filming location for the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and was also one of the main ones in Walking with Dinosaurs.

Time of the TitansEdit

Part of the forest scenes were shot in Whirinaki Rainforest in New Zealand.


New Zealand Map

Giant of the Skies Edit

Most of the episode was shot in New Zealand, with the exception of one scene shot in Tasmania.

  • The opening scene in Brazil was filmed at the Pancake Rocks (Punakaiki), New Zealand.
  • The scene where the North American Iguanodon walk along the beaches of prehistoric Florida was filmed at Bruce Bay, New Zealand.
  • The scene where the Iguanodon feed on vegetation was filmed on the southern parts of the Poeura River, Harihari, New Zealand.
  • Aerial shots were shot along the West Coast, South Island, New Zealand.
  • The final scene, which takes place in Cantabria, was filmed at Harihari Coastal Walkway, Harihari, New Zealand.
  • The scene shot in Tasmania is the scene with the Utahraptors attacking the Iguanodon. It was filmed at The Labyrinth and Pine Valley in Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair National Park.

Spirits of the Ice Forest Edit

This episode was shot entirely in New Zealand, filmed at Whirinaki Rainforest in Te Urewera National Park, New Zealand. The river scenes were shot on the southern parts of the Poeura River, Harihari, New Zealand.

Death of a Dynasty Edit

The scene where the male Tyrannosaurus scavenges a kill in a valley full of geothermal springs was shot at Orakei Korako. The rest of the episode was filmed at Conguillío National Park in Chile.

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