Nodosaurs are a type of ankyosaurs that did not have a tail club. They lived earlier in Earth's history than their cousins did and had narrower heads, suggesting that they were browsers, rather than grazers. They often had spikes or spines on their shoulders, tails, or sides.

In Walking with... seriesEdit

Walking with DinosaursEdit

Giant of the SkiesEdit

This episode features Polacanthus, one of the first armored dinosaurs/ankylosaurs. It was a relatively small dinosaur, smaller than the Iguanodons that it lived alongside, but with spiky armor and tail it was much better protected than they were. The episode showed Polacanthus living both in North America and Europe, where it used its spikes as a defense against local predators, such as Utahraptors.

Walking with Dinosaurs: The 3D MovieEdit

This film featured Edmontonia, a later species of nodosaur than Polacanthus. It was bigger than Polacanthus, but with proportionally smaller spines. It was more robust than Polacanthus was, too.

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