Ornithomimosaurs are a group of theropod dinosaurs well known for resembling ratites.


They appeared in the early Cretaceous period and survived until the K/T extinction.

They are found all over the Northern Hemisphere, although the coelurosaur Nqwebasaurus of Africa was found out to be an ornithomimosaur, and one of the first of a southern continent.


Ornithomimosaurs are normally depicted as omnivores due to their shape, eating eggs, plant buds, and small creatures. However this probably varied from one species to another.

Ornithomimosaurs are normally toothless, however, one basal genus, Pelecanimimus, has up to 200 teeth but later species, such as Gallimimus, have little to no teeth, and are not considered ferocious very much (in some Ornithomimids, the skeletal structures are not designed for such motives).

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Walking with Dinosaurs: Inside Their WorldEdit

Gallimimus is one of the viewable dinosaurs in this app.
Galimimus ITW

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Prehistoric ParkEdit

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Ornithomimus was one Ornithomimosaur that was featured in the first episode. Nigel Marven encountered a flock when he was looking for Tyrannosaurus rex.

Later, another flock was being chased by a Tyrannosaurus, getting cornered at the time portal which led to the park, in a last ditch effort, the Ornithomimus did go through the portal, except a juvenile that got caught by the Tyrannosaurus. The Ornithomimus were accidental additions in the park(meaning they were not one of the goals, and as such, no exhibit was built), as well as the first of such.

In a later episode, one Ornithomimus was discovered to be pregnant, and later laid (up to a dozen) eggs.


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