Parasuchus, ("near crocodile"), was a species of phytosaur found in India.

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Physical appearance and biologyEdit

Parasuchus would have acted and resembled a modern-day crocodilian, it even had the hard plating called osteoderms that crocodilians. But it was not what it seemed. Instead, it was a phytosaur: A sister group to archosaurs (dinosaurs, crocodilians, and birds).

The main characteristic that defines phytosaurs like Parasuchus from Crocodilia is the nostrils being close to the top of its head, as opposed to them being at the top of the snout.

It was one of the smallest members of the group, being only 2 meters in length compared to other phytosaurs that exceeded it in size.

Parasuchus' coloration was very similar to that of the Saltwater Crocodile.

Behaviour and traitsEdit

Parasuchus lived near lakes and streams from what is now India, with its prey being fish and small tetrapods. It was an excellent ambush predator thanks to the position of its nostrils that helped it stay submerged under the water for long periods of time.

But Parasuchus was not without predators. It would fall victim to rauisuchians and theropod dinosaurs, the top land predators of the time.

In Walking with Dinosaurs: Inside Their WorldEdit

Parasuchus is the only phytosaur featured in this app.

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It is the second phytosaur to appear in the series with the unnamed phytosaur in Walking with Dinosaurs: A Natural History being the first.

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