212px-Patchi's Mother
Species : Pachyrhinosaurus
In the series
Appearances : Walking with Dinosaurs 3D

Patchi's mother is the mate of Bulldust. In the film, she has eight eggs, two of which are Patchi and Scowler.


She is first seen walking to her nest, where her eight hatchlings are waiting to be fed. Patchi's mother regurgitates a pile of plant matter, and her children dig in. She then leaves, but this proves to be a mistake, when a lone Troodon slips by, and grabs her smallest son, Patchi. Later on, after the herd begins migrating, a forest fire begins in the woods her herd is in! Patchi's mother runs with her children, but Patchi and Scowler are seperated from her. As Bulldust rescues them, she is shown to be cornered by two Gorgosaurus. In desperation, she calls to her mate for help, and he rushes to her aid. It is implied that help came too late for her and her little ones, as Bulldust returns alone, and she is never seen again.

Personality and traitsEdit

Patchi's mother was shown to care for her babies, as any good mother would. During the forest fire scene, when the Gorgosaurs corner her, she nudges her three young ones underneath her, to protect them. she would die for her family.

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