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        Peteinosaurus is a genus of basal pterosaur which lived during the late Triassic period in what is now North America and southern Europe. (212-200 MYA)


A small member of the pterosaur family, these flying reptiles evolved extra-long fingers that helped support their delicate wing membranes. These pterosaurs fed on dragonflies. A jaw full on needle-sharp teeth made short work of their insect prey. Peteinosaurus evolved strong, lightweight bones for flight and, like the dinosaurs, they were fast and deadly. Flying reptiles were becoming the new masters of the air.

By the end of the Triassic this animal had vanished, having been replaced by other pterosaurs such as Anurognathus.

In Walking with... Series

A Peteinosaurus drinking. (New Blood)

Walking with Dinosaurs

New Blood

A Peteinosaurus was first seen flying over a river before landing to drink. It was then seen snatching several dragonflies from the sky alongside other Peteinosaurus. That demonstrated the idea that the hunter has become the hunted. In the middle of the dry season, a Peteinosaurus was seen risking a quick bath in a puddle.

Sea Monsters

Sea Monsters, Episode 1

Peteinosaurus made a minor cameo in the first episode of the series as one of the first flying reptiles in Earth's history.


  • The head is somewhat too small.


  • Peteinosaurus is the first pterosaur to appear in the WWD series and in all of Impossible Pictures productions.