Proterosuchus was a species of chasmatosaur from the Early Triassic period. 


Proterosuchus was the largest land animal on earth during the early Triassic period in Antarctica, but in modern terms it was only a little bigger than a Komodo Dragon. With long jaws, powerful neck muscles, relatively long legs and a lengthy tail, it already looked a bit like a crocodile, and in fact did have a lifestyle that is broadly similar to the Nile crocodile of modern day Africa. The long, muscular tail of the Proterosuchus was excellent for swimming, and could push it through the water at speed. However, the animal also had stout legs that enabled it to walk comfortably on land.  This animal died out when the first dinosaurs began to appear.

In Walking with... SeriesEdit

Walking with MonstersEdit

Lystrosaure et Proterosuchus

A Lystosaur being killed by two Proterosuchus

Clash of TitansEdit

In the final episode of Walking with Monsters a group of Proterosuchus has caught several Lystrosaurs when the latter were crossing a river. Euparkeria finds one of the dead Lystrosaurus and encounters a Proterosuchus. Euparkeria then starts to evolve into a dinosaur and Proterosuchus becomes frightened that his rival becomes huge and larger so it backs down and the Euparkeria evolves into Allosaurus.


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