Psittacosaurus ("parrot lizard") was a dinosaur that was located between the orders of Ornithopods and Ceratopsians. It was mentioned in The Complete Guide To Prehistoric Life in Protoceratops entry.


Psittacosaurus was a small dinosaur, roughly 2 m long on average. In body plan it was more like ornithopods; its' head was more like the ceratopsians' with a parrot-like beak (hence the name). It lived in Asia during the early Cretaceous time period, just as Protoceratops did, but the two of them were seperated by many millions of years of evolution.

Walking with Dinosaurs: inside their worldEdit

Psittacosaurus is one of the dinosaurs of the downloadable app.


  • Most ceratopsians had quills protruding from their backs, and evidence was found on Psittaccosaurus.
  • Psittacosaurus was a bipedal animal, not a quadrupedal animal.
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