Pterodactylus was one of the first pterodactyloid Pterosaurs that had appeared by the end of Jurassic. It lived in Europe.


Pterodactylus was one of the first pterosaurs to be discovered back in the 1809-1812, and this why at first all of the pterosaurs were sometimes called pterodactyls instead.

At first scientists thought that it was an aquatic animal similar to the modern penguins, rather than a flying animal. It is also one of the smallest pterosaurs, with adults and juveniles aren't always clearly distinguished from each other. (Some of the Pterodactylus specimens are actually juveniles of the other pterosaur species, such as Ctenochasma.)

Pterodactylus lived in the same time and place as did Rhamphorhynchus, which was featured in the third episode of Walking with Dinosaurs. Unlike Rhamphorhynchus, however, Pterodactylus had no tail, a longer, more bird-like and curved neck, and broader and more maneuverable wings.

Walking with Dinosaurs: Inside Their WorldEdit

Pterodactylus was one of the pterosaurs featured in this app.

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